Eto 3d board


Dear ETO lovers, we present the 3D board for slicing, serving and storing bread.

Bread is an important nutritional product without which people could not have imagined life for thousands of years. Bread is special, man’s urgent need and that of the human society, the acquest and achievement of civilisation and for that reason it requires appropriate respect and it is important to store it properly.
Research and estimates state that almost 30 per cent of food which is bought perishes or is thrown away, and bread is the most frequent to be thrown. Many people cannot do without it, so often more than necessary is bought and if it is also not stored properly, very soon it becomes too hard and inedible. The material from which bread is made greatly affects the quality of storing baked products, particularly bread. You cannot stop bread from drying, but you can delay it a little.
. If you had ever wished to slice the bread, serve and store it in the same utensil, keeping its freshness and taste in the way that our grandmothers did and if you are a lover of natural materials, then the 3D board for slicing, serving and storing bread is the right choice for you.

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 3 cm, material: whole wood, calico
The 3D board is made from beech which invokes endurance, health and the wish to fulfil of all of the dearest dreams in your life; it is covered with a mixture of natural oils without volatile organic compounds, which guarantees the longevity and safety of use in touch with bread and bakery products. Homemade flax linen keeps your bread in a natural and ecological way without the formation of fungus and mould. This combination of traditional and modern design will embellish every table or kitchen.

Design by Jadranka Soviček Krpan.

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