Eto Design

About us

Eto is an informal designer collective aiming to create recognizable products, boost Croatian production and promote Croatian design. The Eto series of products for everyday use has been carefully conceived, striving as much as possible to use recycled, natural or ecological materials, local raw materials and handcrafts or small locally producing workshops. The Eto brand comprises various collections of products for personal and domestic use, lamps, souvenirs, bags and so on. Each product is manifesting its designer’s idea in its own distinctive way. The Collections inspired by the Glagolitic script (bookend, trivet, lamp, necklace with pendants…); the food serving collection (plate, cutting board, tray, coasters…), mirrors inspired by geometric bodies, lamp shades, the collections of didactic games (tactile, auditory, motor) All collections emerged independently from one another, each reflecting its designer’s particular approach. Unpretentious and playful design is our attempt at bringing joy to your home. Eto:)

Ada Kezić

Ada Kezić, product designer. 1996. 1996 Master’s degree in Design Studies, AF, Zagreb. After working for eleven years as an “inhouse” designer for several Croatian manufacturers and several years of independent activity, in 2013 she decided to start her own studio A1 FORMAT for product, interior and graphic design. Today A1 FORMAT in collaboration with designers, architects, engineers and manufacturers offers a multidisciplinary approach to the projects and comprehensive concepts which transform great ideas into outstanding products/projects and services through creative synergy depending of diversity projects. Hers field of activity is diverse and includes: Industrial /product design from the idea/concept to detailed project, expo design, interior design, exterior – urban furniture and signage design, graphic design, environmental and sustainable design as well as organizing workshops, presentation, lectures and other activities. She is a professional member of the CFAA, CDA, CAAAA and IDA, CCE. She has exhibited at International fairs and exhibitions in Zagreb, Split, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Cologne, Stockholm, Milan. Her main motto is: “Simplicity”. /

Jadranka Soviček Krpan

Master's degree in product design in 1995. at the AF, School of Design, Zagreb. Member of the Croatian Designers Society and a board member from 1996. to 1998. Gained freelance status In 1997. and a membership at HZSU. Cofounder of one of the first design studios in Croatia, DIEDRA, which specializes in product design, interior design, computer animation and production. At Diedra she works as a designer and production coordinator, while also working as an external associate with bouth domestic and foreign companies developing products that have received national and international awards for design. In 2017, she launched her own brand design... Designdotdotdot is a brand of household items designed and produced in Croatia. Starting from the problem that addresses, through its versatility, associativity and tactility it communicates ideas and stories to which you, through use, contribute.

Ana Armano Linta

Ana Armano Linta is a designer and educator. She graduated from the School of Design in Zagreb, founded the Armano Linta Studio for architecture and design ( and the education team Satelit for sustainability and regeneration ( She regularly exhibits her work in Croatia and abroad and has won numerous awards: For the multisensory games Opip&Shum: the first prize for ethical design (Zagreb Design Week 2018) and the BigSEE awards for small product design and small wooden products (2019). For the interactive table Tilty: The Co-Create prize (Milano Design Week 2018). For the ambience table AbOvo: the journalist prize (Ambienta 2017). In her work, Ana strives to achieve an interaction between humans and objects and to reexamine the ways in which we perceive our environment and interact with nature, as well as to encourage their redefinition. In her free time, she enjoys mountain wilderness.

Zrinka Nedeljković

Zrinka Nedeljković

ZRINKA NEDELJKOVIĆ, product designer After graduating from the School of Applied Arts and Design in 1995, she studied fashion design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, where she graduated in 2002 and obtained the title of senior fashion designer. At the same time she studied product design at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb where she graduated in 2004 and acquired the title Master of Design. During her studies she collaborated with many institutional and independent theatres as a freelance costume designer and set designer, and participated in the visual design of a number of plays and to date has designed costume design for 14 and set design for 8 theatre plays. After graduating, she takes a job as a designer in the furniture industry where she works on the development and design of furniture, and had designed a number of business, residential and hospitality interiors either on her own or as part of a team. She also works for private investors, develops self-initiated projects and collaborates with small entrepreneurs and craftsmen. She exhibits at numerous exhibitions and international fairs in the country and abroad. She is a member of HDD (Croatian Design Society) and ZzID (Association for Industrial Design at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce).

Karaka design

Karaka design is a fashion brand established in 2002 signed by Vesna Karuza and Senija Radić. Under this name they have participated in numerous fashion shows (Zagreb Fashion Week, Zlatna igla, Prague Fashion Week, MQ Vienna Fashion Week) and section and group exhibitions at ULUPUH – The Croatian Association of Applied Arts Artists. They received numerous designers’ awards such as Mandica 2002 – for the best young designer, Manda 2003 – for the best collection, FWZ etc. In making garments special attention is dedicated to volume and form relationship and construction interventions aimed at emphasising the sculptural effect. Only natural fabrics are used – wool, cotton, silk, linen and natural mixtures whose texture suits their authors’ sensibility. Fabrics are sometimes enriched with print or hand application of textile colour. The accent lies in originality and uniqueness. Karaka design products are mostly aimed at women clients: from dresses, skirts, vests, tunics to caps, coats, scarfs and similar accessories. Their approach to design and construction is sincere and uncompromising and special effort is invested to, in times of “rampant consumerism”, offer design enthusiasts products of high aesthetic and functional value.