Dear ETO lovers, we present the OPIP and SHUM tactile and auditory version of the memory game. The author of the social game OPIP and SHUM, designer Ana Armano Linta explored new versions of the famous social memory game such as we had not seen before. OPIP and SHUM are based on the sense of touch and hearing. They can be played as an auditory or a tactile memory

The forest brings calm They say that a man can only find peace in the forests, and the connection between man and nature is thought to be essential for physical and psychological wellbeing.We entered the forest, the leaves rustle and while small branches crackle under our feet, all shades of yellow are laying low. The beech forest rises above the river and hides the sunlight above the old

Dear ETO lovers! Chopping boards are one of the indispensable and exceptionally important kitchen accessories on which you prepare your varied and tasty meals and on which you cut, chop, pound different ingredients. We present a small and large chopping board from the ETO Oakie collection, which are made from Slavonian oak certified of the highest quality. Each tree has a message and in itself holds an eternal warmth