ETO episode 5 – FASHION DESIGN / guests: Vesna Karuza and Senija Radić (Karaka design)

The guests of the 5th episode are the designers and tireless creatives Vesna Karuza and Senija Radić, authors of the brand Karaka Design. They participated in a string of fashion events and exhibit their work at sectional and group exhibitions within the association Ulupuh, and have received several professional awards for their work. They use only natural materials – wool, cottom, silk, flax and natural mixtures that suit the authors’ taste with their textures. The fabrics are also sometimes refined with prints or the hand application of textile colours. The emphasis is on the author’s signature and uniqueness. The range of the Karaka design is mainly intended for the female public; from dresses, skirts, bodices, vests, tunics to hats, coats, bags, scarves and similar accessories. They approach the design and execution with honesty and without compromise, making a special effort to offer the lovers of design, in this time of ”fast consumerism”, a product of high aesthetic and functional value. Subscribe to our ETO You Tube Channel, click on the bell and do not miss any our our new videos!