ETO episode 6 – H2 KOMUNIKACIJE / guests: Ratko Čoporda and Miljenko Mustapić

The ETO programme 6th episode guest is product designer Ratko Čoporda, director of the successful firm H2 Communications specialising in furnishing sales and business premisses in Croatia and abroad. Find out more about the professional route of Ratko Čoporda and meet H2 Communications, who offer fully integrated solutions to their leading marketing sector client firms. In the firm H2 Communications they are focused on close cooperation and development of programmes that raise every brand, its visibility and increase its sales in a qualitative and effective way. Miljenko Mustapić, production manager, lead us through the production process. Find the link between the ETO collective and H2 Communications in this episode. Should you not have done so already, subscribe to ETO You Tube Channel and don’t miss any of our new videos!