ETO episode 8 – ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN & INNOVATION / guest: Jurica Huljev

Jurica Huljev, an architect and designer, is a guest of the eighth ETO programme episode. The title of Master of Architectural Engineering including various interests (materials, computer simulations, programming, practice in the execution and organization of projects) enabled him to look at the problem and find various unusual solutions. He has a large number of innovations and for the last 10 years he has primarily been dealing with special kinds of concrete and composite materials. His architectural solutions can be found all over the world today. Jurica stands behind unique and sophisticated pojects using concrete as principal material, by the name Synthesis, Croatian brand, known and highly valued in architectural society and beyond Croatian borders. Jurica also designed and manufactured loudspeakers omnee.m under the brand name ONE.618 that has ideal sound source, reproduced with the highest degree of linearity and wide frequency. Getting rid of established conventions of loudspeaker design and thinking about how every detail of the loudspeaker should function and look, omnee.m is definitely a loudspeaker that breaks all boundaries with its superior acoustics, and comes in an elegant timeless design. Find out how the first concrete dress in the world was born, the concrete loudspeaker and much, much more in our ETO programme.