everGREEN - wall clock

everGREEN – wall clock

The pandemic 2020 year contributed to our thinking about life, about man’s impact on nature, of new aspects of work and business as well as interpersonal relationships. And while we then spent more and more time in our homes, more-or-less working online, designer Jadranka Soviček Krpan considered how to design a functional item for everyday use that everyone can afford and that will bring a breath of nature into our homes.

That is how the EverGREEN wall clock emerged, which is hand made and links traditional craft and advanced ecologic technology of stabilizing the Islandic lichen. By conserving its natural beauty at the moment of harvest we achieve a permanently green natural detail in our home. Its use in relation to the clock forces us to think about the influence we have over nature and to ask ourselves whether it is too late for change …

The curiosity in the making of this unique product is the connecting of traditional and craft art of metal spinning, which as the only Zagreb craft is near extinction but fortunately protected as a cultural heritage. This special technique is used to make the housing of the clock and the stabilised Islandic lichen is then hand applied over it.

Decorate your home with the EverGREEN and lets strengthen together our awareness of the importance of the natural environment.

everGREEN – wall clock

dimensions: fi 275 mm

material: aluminium /stabilised Islandic lichen