Dear ETO lovers!

Chopping boards are one of the indispensable and exceptionally important kitchen accessories on which you prepare your varied and tasty meals and on which you cut, chop, pound different ingredients.

We present a small and large chopping board from the ETO Oakie collection, which are made from Slavonian oak certified of the highest quality. Each tree has a message and in itself holds an eternal warmth while its rings hide in themselves hundreds of untold stories and secret recipes…

In view of its hardness and certain antibacterial properties, the oak is more suitable for products that come in touch with food in comparison to plastics, steel or other kinds of wood. You can use the beautiful wooden chopping boards from the Oakie collection also to serve food.

Oakie Small – dim. 248 x 175 x 20 mm. Link to the product in the webshop.

Oakie Large – dim. 355 x 175 x 20 mm. Link to the product in the webshop.

A few small bits of advice on how to clean your wooden chopping board:

Remove all food particles with a paper towel.

After that wash it well with water and washing up liquid.

In order to remove the greatest number of bacteria from its surface, rinse it under a strong jet of water.

Further advice – Should your chopping board become damaged by use you can renew it by lightly sanding both sides and edges with sand paper. The surface should then be cleaned and oiled with linseed oil and left two hours for the oil to seep in. Afterward, the surplus oil is wiped off.

Note: Do not soak chopping boards in water for any length of time or wash in the dishwasher.

Make cooking easier and your kitchen more beautiful with chopping boards from the ETO Oakie collection, which are durable and suitable for chopping different foodstuffs.