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OPIP – tactile game

OPIP is a tactile variant of the memory game, in which we search for pairs using touch rather than sight. And so, with plenty of fun and surprise, we develop a sense that is often neglected or unconscious in everyday life.


dim. 170x60x70 mm
weight: 150g
the size of a single tile: 55x55x8 mm

30.53  (230.00 kn)

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When you grasp a fine wooden OPIP tile, with pleasantly chamfered edges and a combination of fir and poplar wood, you get the natural – almost instinctive – urge to thoroughly examine it with your fingers. And then you discover that there is a different material on one side: sand paper, corrugated cardboard, felt… It’s interesting to discover various materials and exciting to feel them without looking.

OPIP consists of 16 wooden frames that have a particular material inserted on one side (8 different materials, therefore 8 pairs to identify).

In order to develop free creativity, the tiles can be used for various other activities such as making rows of items, from the finest to the roughest, guessing materials etc.

A hurried society makes one forget many things: spending time with each other, playing, listening, touching, enjoying natural elements, coming back into touch with oneself through handiwork. . We designed OPIP to help us all to remember, in a simple and fun way, all that we forgot.

The wooden tiles were made in the Đogić Art woodworking atelier in Zagreb and are delivered in cotton bags sewn in the Kamensko women’s association in Zagreb Locally and with love.

We are looking forward to staying in touch with all the players who may want to contact us, so that we can find out which games they will have come up with using OPIP, and so that we can share and spread the newly discovered joy.

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