We present the ETO S series of light fittings

Today’s designers are increasingly thinking about the ecologic dimension of production, about the ecologic footprint of production, the possibilities of recycling, energy consumption. For this reason, designer Zrinka Nedeljković decided to explore what options are offered by an ancient, but in its contemporary versions and mutations also an entirely new material – paper. Even before this S series of light fittings, Zrinka created lampshades from laminated paper and propylene, which are pieces of ambiance lighting that are light, fragile like flakes, but at the same time natural and simple due to the dimmed light they offer.

S is a series of light fittings made from washable paper and is for now available in three sizes: Ø 35 x 45 cm, Ø 30 x 50 cm and Ø 50 x 30 cm. Each lampshade consists of two strips in the shape of the letter S, which connect to each other into a closed spiral form by a zip closer. When required, the closer is opened, the form unraveled and the lampshade washed – the lampshades can be washed by hand in lukewarm soapy water, but also in the washer in which case they will crumple. The washable paper, as opposed to textile, ”remembers” and after ironing will permanently retain visible traces of folds which will give the lampshade a new dimension.

The S series light fittings will function well and create a good atmosphere in practically all residential interiors (except perhaps bathrooms), as also in some public interiors such as catering, retail and similar.

Photo: Dražen Lapić